2020 100 Pittori a Palazzo Fani, Tuscania (TV)

2020 The Room Exhibition, Roma

2020 In the Space between, Derby England

2020 Affordable Art Fair Milano

2020 Paratissima Bologna

2019 Paratissima Torino

2019 Live Artena artist residence (Rm)

2019 Reflexio / Riflessione, Oratorio San Sebastiano Forlì – watch the video

2019 Special Mention at the Farioli Art Award

2019 Exhibition Galleria Farini Bologna

2019 Affordable Art Fair Milan

2019 Squared Art, GALP Olgiate Comasco (Co)

2018 Orticolario Villa Erba, Lake Como

2018 THE PLACES OF THE SEA, Showcases dressed in art, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2018 Collective exhibition DISCOVER ART, Art & Co Galleries Parma

2018 Affordable Art Fair Milan

2017 Gelido, Church of Suffragio, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2017 Orticolario Villa Erba, Lake Como

2017 Beyond, Gadarte Florence

2017 There’s a whis …, Winarts Gallery Milan

2017 Affordable Art Fair Milan

2016 Palazzo Vecchio, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2016 “Only those who dream learn to fly” Artist window, via Mazzini 96 Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2016 CASA CANVAS Carate Brianza (MB)

2016 EVANESCENZA Artist showcase, via Mazzini 96 Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2016 Collective exhibition “Natural-mente Nature” Palazzo Albertini, Forlì

2016 Affordable Art Fair Milan

2015 THE SUSPENDED TIME Vibra Contemporary space of ideas Ravenna

2015 RA.Z / GIO.NA.MEN.TO Artist showcase, via Mazzini 96 Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2015 Exhibition TODAY, convent of S.Francesco Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2015 Affordable Art Fair Milan

2014 Artist showcase, via Mazzini 96, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2014 Selection among the top 80 artists at the Arte Award

2014 Exhibition of painting and photography,, Ravenna

2014 Artist showcase, via Mazzini 96, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2014 Collective exhibition “Natural-mind Nature”, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2014 Artist’s garden, Artedamangiare Milan

2014 Affordable Art Fair Milan

2013 Artist showcase, via Mazzini 96, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2013 Piacenza Art Fair

2013 BiArt exhibition space, via Garibaldi 45, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2013 Personal exhibition at (Ra)

2013 Collective exhibition “Natural-mente Nature” Riolo Terme (Ra)

2012 Personal exhibition Exhibition hall BiArt, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2012 Collective exhibition “Art and science in the light” Museo del Balì (PU)

2012 Collective exhibition “Archive” Museo delle Cappuccine, Bagnacavallo

2012 Personal show “Outside the subject”, exhibition hall via D’Azeglio, Ravenna

2012 Vernice Art Fair, Forlì

2011 Collective “Sapere Aude” Palazzo Vecchio, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2011 Collective exhibition, “Arrivano le donne”, tribute to Tonino Guerra Church of the Pio Suffragio, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2010 Collective exhibition “Women”, Museo del Senio of Alfonsine (Ra)

2010 Collective exhibition Art Gallery “Artepiù”, Lugo (Ra)

2009 Collective exhibition “Art, Comparison, Experimentation” Museo delle Cappuccine and Church of the Pio Suffragio Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2009 Art Student’s League Painting Workshop, New York

2008 “Points of view”, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2007 Collective exhibition “Where the work of art takes you” Museo delle Cappuccine, Bagnacavallo (Ra)

2005 Collective exhibition “Privileged areas” Museo delle Cappuccine, Bagnacavallo (Ra)